AcceleData REAL-time Reporting

Retail information, directly from the store to you!  At retail, time is money!! AcceleData improves your bottom line:

  • Turn on advertising ONLY if your new product has reached optimal levels of distribution.  Authorized product doesnít mean itís physically on-shelf!  If itís not there, you are wasting advertising dollars.
  • Optimize promotional execution by confirming that your displays and POP are up in time to coincide with your FSI drop or ad campaign.
  • Find out what your competition is doing before itís too late to catch up. Preempt their tactics!

And, you can view the data any way you want: at store-level and in summary toplines, customized for each client individually.  Itís as easy as logging into the RDI website.

Retail Observation Audits

Observation Audits tell you the visual impact of your brand on the shelf, as the consumer sees it.  We report on conditions that affect your brandís performance, such as:

  • In/Out-of-Stock
  • Presence of displays, POP
  • Shelf facings
  • POG compliance
  • Retail price
  • Product freshness
  • Department manager or pharmacist recommendations

Where do you need information?

RDI covers all key chains AND all geographies.  Samples are customized to your needs at no additional charge.  All samples are statistically designed to meet your requirements, using the most recent universe definitions.  Channels covered are not limited to the following:

Traditional Channels

Alternative Channels


Dollar Stores


Warehouse Clubs

Mass Merchandise





Toy Stores


Photo Shops

Sample sizes are detailed under the ďSamplesĒ section.

Beverage Alcohol Audits (Both On- and Off-Premise)

RDI gives you point-in-time snapshots of on-site conditions relating to beverage alcohol marketing.  Off-premise store samples are customized to each type of beverage: spirits, wine or beer.

Matched Panel Testing and Sales Tracking

Controlled testing reduces the risk involved in new products or strategies.  Using a live, but controlled, environment, you can see which is the best alternative among in-store variables such as:

  • New products
  • Alternative pricing
  • Displays or other in-store promotions
  • Shelf sets
  • Packaging
  • Merchandising frequency

RDI also conducts controlled tests at the market level.

Complete statistical analysis is also included in Matched Panel Tests.

Sales Tracking Across Channels or in Alternative Outlets

When you need market-level volumetrics across multiple channels, RDI will secure chain-level POS data and project at the market-level, across channels.

And, if you are looking to track sales in non-scanner outlets, RDI can handle that, too, utilizing traditional manual audits.

Consumer Intercepts at Point-of-Purchase

When you need to find out what is driving the consumer to select one product vs. another at the shelf, in-store intercepts are ideal.  The selection decision is still fresh in the consumerís mind, and they are still in the retail venue where the purchase occurred.

When combined with controlled testing, intercepts provide even more insight into the alternative being tested.

Mystery Shops

You will get the unvarnished truth of how your customers perceive your retail establishment or service through RDI Mystery Shops.  Posing as consumers, RDIís shoppers observe retail conditions and employees, interact with the staff, and report the findings back to you.  By store, by district or region.

Product Purchase Service

We ship a representative sample of retail inventory from any location to a designated destination.  Any amount, from any location, all in a timely and cost-effective way.